Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd

As the largest research and production conglomerate of centrifugal cast ductile iron pipes in the world, the production capacity of Xinxing DI Pipe Company reaches 1.5 million metric tons per year and increasing, ranking it the largest manufacturer in the world. Its product quality, comprehensive technical strength and production capacity are all among the leading producers in the world. The company occupies 45% of market share in China, and 30% of its products are exported to over 120 countries and regions worldwide.

In terms of research and development, Xinxing has the largest R&D team in the ductile iron business.

Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes CO., Ltd, is a listed company that combines the construction of pipe, steel, machinery and other industry simultaneously. It’s one of the top 520 key enterprises in the world and the company generates USD $5.8 billion sales revenue in 2019.

Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd, has eight production bases of large centrifugal ductile iron pipes and fittings, producing all kinds of centrifugal ductile iron pipes with various specifications. It is able to apply coatings from DN80 to DN2600 mm, with length in 6 meters 8 and 15 meters. The factories have an annual capacity of 38,000 kilometres of pipe which ranked first in the world.

Testing facility 3
Testing facility 1
Testing facility 2

Various coating lining & joint option

Aluminium powder paint coated pipe​


PU lined pipe​


35kms DN375 project in
NSW Australia

Inner self-anchored ductile iron pipes coated external PU lined pipes used to Trinidad and Tobago project

28kms DN450 project in
North QLD Australia

Project in North QLD

HCA Cement Lined ZnAlRe coated project in NSW Australia