Mercatus Pipes is a specialised pipe supplier in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific regions. We are specialist in the supply and delivery of Ductile Iron pipes and fittings for the reticulation of water, wastewater and mining projects.


Supported by the world’s largest ductile iron pipe manufacturer Xinxing, and partnered with Australia’s largest supplier of water network solutions Reece Group, Mercatus Pipes provides real tangible value to pipeline projects through highly competitive pricing and timely delivery with quality exceeds Australia and international standards.

We have a full range of sizes, internal linings and external seal coats to suit every imaginable application. No matter how harsh the environment is, we have a pipe that will do the job with flying colours.


Ductile iron is regarded as the most versatile pipe material available today. Its reliability has stood the test of time with over a hundred year in usage, research and development.

Its established long-term durability, impact strength and ability to withstand high pressures and crushing loads has made it the material of choice for the reticulation industry around the world.

Ductile iron pipes are also environmentally inert and completely recyclable. It leaves behind zero non-biodegradable waste at the end of its century-plus design life.

Our ductile iron piping is suitable for installation in open fields or high traffic load areas and can be laid at a variety of depths.

The high material strength minimises the need for imported bedding and surround to reduce the impact on the environment.

The ductile advantage