Reece / Viadux


With over 65 years of experience, Viadux, is Australia’s largest distributor of Ductile Iron pipe.

In recent years, Viadux and Reece Civil have joined forces to deliver the most complete service in the industry. Combined, Reece/Viadux have over 40 branches, plus their dedicated crane truck fleet means faster delivery times no matter where you are in Australia. Along with access to the largest range of leading brands and more than a century of industry experience. We take the hassle out of every project – with personalised assistance at every step.

Design Calculators

Viadux is well known for providing industry leading design calculators to assist customers in the selection of the most ideal and effective ductile iron pipe solution for a given project. These calculators provide a quick reference for pipeline design by taking into account pipes size, class, material strength, pressures, flow, ground conditions and much more.

Design Calculators 2 REECE / VIADUX
Design Calculators 1 REECE / VIADUX